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Journey with US and be part in `BE the change you wish to see in this~the World!`


~We all care, right lets do what we can each and every day to help those whom has a voice yet speak not that has a life yet live to survive if at all where would we be if not there for each other.~


Take hands with W.A.C. Organization and help change the lives of women and children across the World for the good!


We thank you, I THANK YOU. 




Christina J


Founder & PRESIDENT Chair


The W.A.C.Organization is one of many to contribute in helping women and children across the World!  We take hands with those on lives journey that want to see a World united and live in harmony, peace, stability, love and respect.

This is the `10@C`Vision` ongoing endeavor in helping the hungry and thirsty around the World!

Your contribution you'd do it anyway this time around make it count in favor of someone you might never meet however your contribution change the lives of people across the World!

All you have to do is go to the ZYMOTIC online platform, select any of the products that you would like to have delivered to people across the World on either of the 7 Continents and or Islands in between.


We deliver what you order online at ZYMOTIC to people across the World!

Kindly once you've reached the NOWHERE Page fClick on Buythe Ticket and enter our fundraisers Name: HEROICIS